The Awakening: I know You Are But What am I?

“There has been an awakening. Have you felt it?” “Yes.”

These words of dialogue from Star Wars: The Force Awakens could easily apply to the 2016 Presidential Election campaign. The level of tension found on social media platforms such as Facebook has reached toxic levels. Certainly, heated debates are part of the norm during an election year. Yet volatile circumstances have created a societal maelstrom. Both major party candidates are greatly disliked. Acts of Terrorism have become a mainstay in the daily news cycle. Racial tensions continue to foster division and distrust. And lastly, the new school year has begun. Honestly, if you’re a parent, that’s the top story. Being the new kid at school is no joke.

Batman Day 2016: Celebrating the Dark Knight


Ideas on how to celebrate DC Comics decreed Batman Day in 2016.

Fun Videos from around the Web: Kids Drivers Ed


Kids learning Drivers Ed can either be amusing or a stress-inducing nightmare. Check out a few fun videos we found on the web that tackle the topic.

Kubo and the Two Strings

Kubo and the Two Strings

Review of the highly anticipated stop-motion animation feature film Kubo and the Two Strings directed by Travis Knight.

Pete’s Dragon or Giant Green Furry Puppy?

Pete's Dragon

Reimagined for modern audiences, Disney’s Pete’s Dragon aims to soar to new heights. Our review of the 2016 rebooted movie.

Toasteroid Kickstarter: Toaster of the Future Can be Yours


Toasteroid aims to bring you the toaster of the future via their launch on Kickstarter.

Off-Broadway’s STOMP Still Making Beautiful Noise


I attended STOMP with my family to see if the long-running Off-Broadway hit still packs a punch in the 21st century.

The BFG Will Win You Over


Admittedly, I did not read Roald Dahl’s original book version of The BFG. Other than the movie trailer, I had no inkling what the story would be about. Perhaps that particular tidbit was serendipitous. My colleagues for this particular review were two pint-sized versions of yours truly, namely my kids. One was thrilled at the…

Making a Difference: e-Nable Gives Kids a Helping Hand


Acts of kindness can be found every day. E-Nable is an organization making a difference in the world for kids of all ages.