Do you know Oren Miller?

The world should know about Oren Miller. He was a good father, a loving husband to an amazing woman, courageous, graceful, humble, smart, quick-witted, and a talented Dad Blogger. He was the founder of a thriving Facebook Community group aptly named Dad Bloggers. He championed the idea that all fathers can be better Dads. He mentored fathers and encouraged change from within the Dad Blogger community to shift the narrative of what modern fatherhood meant to the world. Advertisers, Film and Television have responded in kind by depicting fathers as competent nurturing parents instead of the 1950s stereotypical “dumb bumbling Dad”. Oren Miller also had Stage 4 Lung cancer. He passed away on February 28, 2015 at the age of 41 after a remarkably courageous 9 month battle. He was my friend.

Kid Conversations #6

kid conversations

Kids have unique conversations. Here is one of them.

2015 New York Toy Fair Preview

Toy Fair

Random thoughts about the Toy Industry’s biggest annual event, the New York Toy Fair.

Best and Worst Parenting Websites of 2014


Our picks for Best and Worst Parenting Websites of 2014.

Breaking the Bullying Habit


Looking at how we can break the bullying habit.

Video Fun from the Web – #1


Random video selected from the web packed with fun.

Kids School Winter Break: 5 Reasons It Needs to End

Back To School

Reasons kids need to go back to school early from Winter Break.

2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Young Kids

2014 Holiday Toys Gift Guide for Young Kids presents its 2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Young Kids.

Big Hero 6 Could Spark a Whole New Generation of Scientists

Big Hero 6

Review of the Disney animated feature film Big Hero 6.