Children’s Online Safety Requires Parents to Adapt

Healthy Dads
I was in my twenties in the mid 1990s when the online era began its pervasive worldwide invasion. I worked in New York City’s “Silicon Alley”. At the time, if you could write a line of HTML code you were deemed cutting edge. In fact, if you even knew what HTML code was you were considered a hot commodity. Jobs were plentiful, perks were outrageous, and the possibilities seemed endless. Of course most folks had a painfully slow dial up connection back then. The high speed internet highway still needed to be built in earnest. And there was the soul crushing internet bubble that burst eventually in 2000. It wasn’t the end of course. In fact, 15 years later we still find ourselves at the beginning.

Every Step Counts when #KindMilesMatter

KIND Miles Matter

My family and I discovered why KIND Miles Matter.

The CuteMonster Show podcast Begins

CuteMonster Podcast

The CuteMonster Show podcast has taken flight…finally.

Arnold’s Back in Terminator Genisys


Arnold’s back in Terminator Genisys but will it be enough to reboot the franchise? Our review.

Disney-Pixar Inside Out leaves Parents an Emotional Mess

Inside Out

Review of Disney-Pixar animated feature Inside Out.

My #FirstCarMoment starring a Car, a Rainstorm, and a Wake Up Call


Teenagers aren’t always aware of car tire safety. Here’s my own experience that changed my perspective forever.

Fun Videos from the Web – #3


This weeks’s assortment of fun web videos include dinosaurs and more.

2015 E3 Games News


The latest noteworthy 2015 E3 Games News for parents with gamer kids.

Buying Tips for Dads: Used Car Cost of Ownership


Buying a used car is all about the details including learning the cost of ownership.