Arnold’s Back in Terminator Genisys

Every time you think Skynet has finally met its demise, another Terminator movie arises. What’s significant about Terminator Genisys is the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the iconic role that placed him on the map as a movie action star. Coupled with a story that essentially attempts to reboot the franchise, Terminator Genisys tests the waters to gauge the audience’s interest in humans versus the machines.

Disney-Pixar Inside Out leaves Parents an Emotional Mess

Inside Out

Review of Disney-Pixar animated feature Inside Out.

My #FirstCarMoment starring a Car, a Rainstorm, and a Wake Up Call


Teenagers aren’t always aware of car tire safety. Here’s my own experience that changed my perspective forever.

Fun Videos from the Web – #3


This weeks’s assortment of fun web videos include dinosaurs and more.

2015 E3 Games News


The latest noteworthy 2015 E3 Games News for parents with gamer kids.

Buying Tips for Dads: Used Car Cost of Ownership


Buying a used car is all about the details including learning the cost of ownership.

Jurassic World Review – Chris Pratt vs. One Big Dinosaur

Jurassic World

Review of Jurassic World starring Chris Pratt.

Dads Need to Eat Well Too


Eating well can be elusive for Dads. Enter STOUFFER’S® Fit Kitchen entrees to the rescue.

Fun Videos from the Web – #2


Random fun web videos featuring robots and other weirdness.