Monstober! New Razor Jr. YouTube Channel and Giveaway

Razor Jr.
Razor, maker of the iconic kick scooter as well as a full line of award-winning products that inspire and excite riders worldwide, recently launched their new YouTube Channel, Razor Jr. And this October or as Razor calls it Monstober, the channel will be “filled with Zombie and Monster fun – to keep kids laughing and parents engaged!” Check out the video featuring great inexpensive makeup tips to become a Zombie or Monster for Halloween. Read on to learn how you could win a Razor Zombie Kix or Razor Monster Kix scooter!

Win the Skylanders Trap Team Starter Pack for the Wii

Skylanders Trap Team

Giveaway of Activision’s Skylanders Trap Team for the Nintendo Wii. Contest ends 10/29/2014.

CuteMonster Web Comic Begins

CuteMonster Web Comic #1

The CuteMonster Web Comic begins in earnest.

Teaser Trailer for Tomorrowland


Disney released the first teaser trailer for Tomorrowland.

#HealthyDad, Scary Truths, and a Giveaway Contest

Healthy Dads

Why the Healthy Dads movement matters plus a great giveaway contest.

New Trailer for Disney’s Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6

New Trailer released for the highly anticipated animated movie Big Hero 6.

Celebrate 45 Years of Sesame Street at the NYPL

Sesame Street

Sesame Street is holding a 45th Anniversary Celebration at the New York Public Library through January 31, 2015.

Kid Conversations #4

kid conversatoins

Kid conversations happen every day.. The following is an excerpt of an overheard kid conversation on the way home from school.

Remembering Our Humanity

September 11th

Introspection about what it means to be a human being in a post September 11th world.