Kid Conversations #7

kid conversations
Conversation on the way to school:

7yo: Can we have a dog?

Me: Who would take care of it?

7yo: You I guess. You’re doing an okay job as a Dad.

Off in the distance, my 9yo nods in agreement displaying a rare moment of solidarity with his younger sibling.

The Reluctant Sleeper who would be King of Rest


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Captain America: Civil War Marks the Peak of Superhero Movies

Captain America: Civil War

Review of Captain America: Civil War. A film which represents the latest and possibly best ever multi-superhero movie to date.

May the Fourth be with Star Wars Fun


Ideas on how to celebrate Star Wars Days also known as May The Fourth.

Brad Meltzer writes Awesome Children’s Books Too

Amelia Earhart

Brad Meltzer has written a fun biography series for kids well worth checking out.

Top 5 Ways Having Picky Eating Kids Rocks


Having kids who are picky eaters can actually turn out to be a winning situation for the whole family. Be sure to enter our SmartyPants Vitamins Giveaway!

Marvel’s Dr. Strange trailer is Mind-Bendingly Amazing

Doctor Strange

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Netflix unleashes Wakko, Yakko and Dot – Animaniacs!


Netflix has released all 99 episodes of the beloved Warner Bros animated series, Animaniacs!

Amazing Short Film about Autistic Teen


A short film produced by Apple about an autistic teen’s use of technology to transform his life.