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iPhone for 3 year olds?

A compelling video produced by The Boston Globe discusses how the iPhone is uniquely intriguing and intuitive to toddlers. From my own personal experience, I can attest to this device being a magnet for my 3 year old son as well as my 1 year old daughter. The shape of the device in addition to the colorful buttons and intuitive interface creates a fascinating toy to be coveted by a child. I’ve had to literally wrestle my phone away from the steely grips of my children at times. And yet, in a crunch, my iPhone has provided a useful distraction for my kids when they are acting up or are immersed in situations which necessitate some sort of amusement to pass the time. Think Doctors office or a restaurant for example. Software developers are keenly aware of this and have made a concerted effort to provide Children’s applications to Apple’s App Store for use on the iPhone and iPhone Touch. So in essence, your beloved iPhone has somehow evolved into the mobile family entertainment center. Just perfect.

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  • Our daughter loves my (her?) iPad. It’s a great distraction for the plane. When she was about a year old, she really liked looking through photos and recognizing family members (the photo frame slide show mode is great for that).

    As with many toddlers or her generation, she can’t believe that my blackberry isn’t touch screen.

    When she was 18 months or so old I bought a handful of simple toddler iPad apps for a plane trip. She actually played by herself and actually concentrated for a whole 20 minutes! That’s amazing frankly.

    She’s almost two now and knows how to perfectly navigate the iPad to get to her games.

    She’s not allowed to watch TV yet so I’m mixed about the use of the iPad. She enjoys the interactive nature a lot and she has a counting and ABCs game that seem to have actually taught her a few things; but we try to keep the iPad down to 10 minutes a day and only if she asks for it.

    But the iPad is definitely a key part of our carry-on travel luggage now!

    • Anonymous

      I can concur about the intuitive nature of both the iPhone/iPad for young children. They certainly provide entertainment for kids of all ages. Yet the iPad, at a starting price of $499 makes it a rather expensive toy. Couple the purchase price with the prolific purchases of apps and the cost rises exponentially.

      Do you make use of a protective case for your iPad?