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Sesame Street Elmo’s Alphabet Bus Review

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In my experience as a parent, I’ve come across very few educational toys that provide actual use for children based on the manufacturer’s recommended age range. The Fisher-Price Sesame Street Elmo’s Alphabet Bus bucks the trend by offering distinct levels of play that will delightfully engage both 18 months old and 3 year old kids alike.

What Does The Toy Do?
The focus of the toy is to teach letters and first words, identify words and letters with Ernie, and play quiz games with Elmo and Cookie Monster. There are three main buttons atop the bus featuring Elmo, Cookie Monster and Ernie, each if which when pressed initiates a new function. In addition, pressing a red stop signed shaped button with a white music note on it plays Elmo singing the ABC song. Lights on the front and back of the bus illuminate when the song is being played. The individual letters of the Alphabet are also raised buttons which provide the interface for a child to interact with the toy.

Is The Toy Well Made?
Having witnessed major heavy handed use of the toy including quite a few hard drops to floor, I can attest to the durability of the product’s construction. The built in handle adds portability to this relatively heavy toy. That being said, it also should raise a red flag of caution for parents because this seemingly harmless toy can quickly become a blunt object to bludgeon a sibling to a pulp (I suggest intervening at the first signs of potential bludgeoning).

The wheels on this bus do move round and round but do not truly enable the bus to move like a dedicated toy vehicle.

Does The Toy Provide Value?
Absolutely. As I mentioned previously, both my children, currently 1 and 3, are able to interact with the toy at their own appropriate developmental level. In theory, the toy’s usefulness will change and grow along with my children.

Final Word

Rating: B+

Pros: Versatile usage for kids ages 18 months to 4 years of age. Durable construction. Fun and Educational.

Cons: No volume control. Lack of setting a mode for the toy’s distinct functions translates into constant switching around of type of play by button mashing kids.

Available for purchase below at these retailers:

Toys R Us

Watch the video below for a beautiful rendition of the ABC song sung by Elmo and musical recording artist India:

  • Anonymous

    I wanted to mention that this toy also provides a break to parents on travel days.

  • cutemonster

    Testing out the new comment system on cutemonster.

  • shoebuf

    My kids love the Sesame Street Elmo Alphabet bus!

    • Anonymous

      That’s great. It really is a versatile toy.

  • shoebuf

    My kids love the Sesame Street Elmo Alphabet bus!

    • cutemonster

      That's great. It really is a versatile toy.

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