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Based solely on viewing the initial preview movie trailer of Walt Disney Pictures animated feature film “Tangled”, I had expected little more than a syrupy sweet love story chock filled with cringe worthy characters only mothers and daughters would find endearing. Yet as I sat in the movie theater with my 4 year old son we found ourselves captivated by a visually breathtaking swashbuckling adventure movie teeming with action, comedy, thrills, and heart. The Disney Magic is back.

How’s the Story?

Loosely based on “Rapunzel”, a Brothers Grimm fairy tale, “Tangled” weaves a very different story in its own right. Interestingly, having steered clear of producing animated features with singing, Disney has reintroduced the genre in this movie incorporating just the right balance to accommodate modern audiences tastes. The brisk pacing of the tale never allows for a dull moment. From the clever dialogue to the rapid fire ingenious action sequences, you’ll be treated to a rich tapestry of movie making magic. What’s more, the main characters are well developed and compelling which can be attributed to the writing as well as the skillful voice acting of the cast led by Mandi Moore (Rapunzel), Zachary Levi (Flynn Ryder), and Donna Murphy (Mother Gothel). You might even shed a tear as the story unfolds, especially if you’re a parent.

How are the Visual Effects?

Disney has created a stunningly beautiful animated feature film that utilizes 3D technology flawlessly. Vibrant colors cascade through every frame. The unique animation style used in Disney classics such as “Beauty and the Beast” has evolved gracefully into the world of 3D animated filmmaking. As mentioned previously, there’s a musical theatre quality to the movie which translates into strikingly theatrical imagery accompanying scenes that are sung. It’s not hard to envision an adaptation of the movie ending up on Broadway some day.

Can I take my younger kids to see “Tangled”?

Absolutely. But I’d recommend leaving kids under 4 years of age at home. The film is rated PG and for good reason. The film has a few moments of violence which could be too intense. There is a stabbing, a kidnapping, and many scenes with nefarious looking characters. Your parental guidance will be needed to explain these events to a young child.

Any opportunity for Bathroom Breaks?

If the call of nature is overwhelming, perhaps the singing scene at the Duck restaurant might be an opportune moment.

Overall Rating: A

Recommended for kids 4 and up with the expectation of parental guidance.

Pros: Magic and the movies with your kids doesn’t get much better than this. Disney delivers a truly enjoyable adventure.

Cons: The price of admission. Movie ticket prices have skyrocketed.

Watch the official “Tangled” trailer:

  • Melinda

    we loved the movie. I was thoroughly impressed with the graphics.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. A truly seamless integration between 3D and an animated feature film. The artists involved are certain to be nominated for Academy Awards.

  • Daufegger

    Emma and I couldn’t agree with you more, one of her favorites!!!!
    Any plans on seeing Yogi Bear???

    • Anonymous

      Glad you loved the movie. My son and I really enjoyed it as well. As for Yogi Bear, the trailers looked simply awful. And with movie ticket prices being rather expensive, we might opt to just view this film at home when it becomes available as a rental.

  • MFS

    Thanks for the review. Took the girls and they loved it.