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Crayola ColorStudio HD – Preview

An Apple iPad transformed into a coloring book? Probably not the first thing that comes to mind for this coveted tech gadget. Nonetheless, kids applications are being developed at a furious pace for the device. The upcoming Crayola ColorStudio HD promises to elevate the ubiquitous coloring book to a magical experience.

Crayola iMarker™

Partnering with Griffin Technology, Crayola ColorStudio HD provides a multi-activity drawing application coupled with a custom built digital stylus called the Crayola iMarker. Children can interact with the “live” animated coloring book pages that move and react as they color producing custom images, sounds, and effects. Interestingly, a child can manipulate the coloring space through the use of the iMarker or one’s hands seamlessly. There’s no need to toggle between modes.

To learn more about the Crayola ColorStudio HD as well as the product’s availability for purchase, please visit their web site:

Griffin Technology Crayola ColorStudio HD

  • That’s pretty cool. Our iPad with some toddler games is great for some distraction on airplanes.

    However, if the little ones start to think that they can write on the iPad with markers, I see a posting on sh*tmykidsruined.com down the line…

    • Anonymous

      RE:marker mayhem. That’s pretty funny papalogic I think the product is meant for kids 5 and older though. They’re more adept with tech gadgets than adults. 🙂

  • MSH

    Sounds like a fun product especially if it does not stain the sofa, the walls or baby!

    • Anonymous

      Absolutely MSH. If it saves parents from cleaning up stains on walls, etc. it’s well worth the price. 🙂