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Star Wars Craft Book

Star Wars™ meets Arts & Craft. The Star Wars Craft Book by Bonnie Burton promises to provide craft making fun for all skill levels in your very own galaxy. In a subtle way, it’s an homage to the special effects artists of the original films whose craft making skills transported countless millions to new worlds of adventure. Indeed, the Force may be strong with this book.

Examples of the book’s contents:

  • Chewbacca Tissue Box Covers, a Mounted Acklay Head, and a Jabba the Hutt Body Pillow
  • Wookiee Pumpkins, Hanukkah Droidels, and a Star Wars Action Figure Wreath
  • Finger puppets of cantina characters, Cuddly Banthas, and Rotta the Huttlet Squeaky Toys for pets
  • Emperor Appletine Dolls and a Wookiee Bird House
  • Ewok Fleece Hats and an R2-D2 Crocheted Beanie

May the force be with you always…and your crafting.

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The Star Wars Craft Book

  • Tracey

    My 4.5 yo son would be all over this!