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IMAX Born to be Wild 3D

Young children become captivated by the sight of other children. Sometimes they stop and stare or even point in recognition to a person like themselves. This holds true with a child’s perception of animals, especially young animals. Such is the case with the IMAX documentary film “Born to Be Wild 3D”, a heart warming story of the bond between human beings and animals, specifically orphaned baby elephants and orangutans in need of rescue.

How’s the Story?

With a runtime of only 40 minutes, “Born to be Wild 3D” efficiently manages to transport kids of all ages into the lush rainforests of Borneo with world-renowned primatologist Dr. Biruté Mary Galdikas, and across the rugged Kenyan savannah with elephant authority Dame Daphne M. Sheldrick, as they and their teams rescue, rehabilitate and return the orphaned animals back to the wild. Moviegoers will feel they can reach out and touch the vibrantly colored foliage or pet one of the precocious baby animals. My own children delighted viewing the baby animals at play as well as drinking their bottles of milk. Parents knowingly smiled witnessing the unspoken connection established between their kids and the children of another species. “Born to be Wild 3D” sparked imaginations fueling question after question about each animal’s experience including a genuine concern for the safety of the orphaned elephants and orangutans. Topics such as cruelty (i.e. poaching), endangered species, and orphans were covered in an honest yet non-graphic approach.

Any opportunity for Bathroom Breaks?

As mentioned previously, the movie only runs for 40 minutes. But if nature’s call is too strong to ignore, I’d recommend going during the montage of Orangutans just acting silly ( i.e. playing with soap, drinking a few bottles of milk at once, etc.).

Overall Rating: A-

Pros: Beautiful cinematography. Wonderful narration by Morgan Freeman. Immersive experience for kids of all ages. Thoughtfully exposes young audience to life, nature, and the need for conservation.

Cons: The film only runs 40 minutes.

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  • MSH

    Took my kids to see this documentary when they were 4 and 2.  We were all captivated.  I agree a con is that it is too short a film.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for writing in MSH.  Glad you enjoyed the film.