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Spot the Dot

Spot the Dot, a wonderful kids’ app created by the best-selling children’s author, David A. Carter, offers an interactive experience sure to delight toddlers and parents alike. With vibrant colors, innovative puzzles, and a varied intuitive interface, Spot the Dot wins high marks for providing preschoolers a fun engaging educational experience.

How’s the Game Play?

A preschooler quickly finds herself making use of shape and color recognition as well as hand to eye coordination skills. Each level challenges the player to a different fun activity. For example, in one game, the player is required to piece a shape together to form the colored dot. In another game the player must use a finger to navigate a spotlight over a dark screen in order to reveal the missing dot. In testing the game I found the intuitive gameplay enticed toddlers as well as kindergarten age children. In addition, Spot the Dot ensures replay value since the dots’ locations are randomized for each play.

Overall: A-

Recommended for ages 3 and up.

Pros: Exceptionally creative and compelling game play. Beautiful use of shapes, colors, and sounds throughout the elegant design. Pitch perfect voiceover providing encouragement

Cons: Game may be too well designed. Parents will likely need to wrestle the iPad away from a child playing Spot the Dot.

Available on iTunes from Ruckus Media Group. It’s on sale for just .99 cents through Labor Day 2011.

View the promotional video for Spot the Dot: