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Stolen Bike

As a child, there’s often one item that means the world to him or her. It could be anything really; perhaps a baseball glove or a favorite jacket. Yet generally speaking, a bicycle represents the first taste of freedom for a child. To be able to propel yourself forward with reckless abandon, the wind flowing through your hair, all the while imagining a wonderful adventure unfolding right before your eyes. Such was the case for a 10 year old boy in a small town from Minnesota until his bike was stolen recently. Yet he didn’t stand idly by and dwell on his loss. Instead, he took his case to the press.

An excerpt from his open letter to the Albert Lea Tribune:

Hello, my name is Culley Larson, and I am 10 years old and live in Albert Lea. This past Saturday someone stole my BMX bike out of my parents’ garage. I love this town, and I am sad that people steal other kids’ bikes. This is something I do not understand.

I am writing this letter to ask for your help. If you have kids, look to see if you have a bike at your house that does not belong to you. Parents, please ask your kids if any of their friends have a new bike lately? If you do not have kids, be on a lookout for anyone who has gotten a new bike the past couple of days. If you see the bike, call the police. If you have the bike, please bring it back. View the full letter.

The child apparently lives for his bike being an avid BMX rider traveling with his parents over an hour away from his home to practice riding each week. That a 10 year old boy could stick to such a regimented schedule reflects not only his passion for the sport but also the dedication and love of his parents. It serves as a reminder of the importance of being involved in the lives of one’s children. His parents’ influence clearly motivated Culley Larson’s decision to reach out to the public for assistance by way of the newspaper article.

The little things in life do matter, especially in the world of children. For the Culley Larson and all kids who’ve had their hearts stolen from them, let’s do our part to set things right.

What do you think of the boy’s letter? Have your children ever had any cherished item stolen? What was the outcome?