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Dinosaur vs. The Potty

Potty training can be a turbulent time for kids and parents alike. The daily use of the potty becomes a battle of wills for most young children making the transition from diapers to the porcelain throne. Each day kids will simply put it off as long as possible in favor of continuing any fun activity they’re immersed in at the moment. Such is the premise of the children’s book Dinosaur vs. The Potty from author-illustrator Bob Shea.

How’s the Story?

Dinosaur vs. The Potty will have special appeal to any parent who has their own precocious fun loving fiercely independent little dinosaur adventurer at home. Through the actions of the little red dinosaur, we’re brought into a child’s mind set as he bounces from one activity to the next, facing the challenges head on with the goal of victory. As far as he’s concerned, he’s unstoppable. Yet the potty, the one foe he refuses to acknowledge, grows ever stronger as his day progresses. As a reader of the story, the fun lies in determining when the little guy will finally answer nature’s call.

Overall Grade: B+

Recommended for children 2 years and up.

Pros: Whimsically illustrated pages will captivate young readers. Story helps reinforce potty training with a healthy dose of fun.

Cons: Reading this book could spark exceptionally loud roars from young kids into the ears of stress laden parents.

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  • MSH

    Purchased this to support my little dinosaur’s potty training efforts.

    • Anonymous

      Parents need all the support they can get when it comes to potty training. 🙂