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Jack Frost Will Warm Your Heart

Jack Frost has always been a minor player as far as beloved children’s mythical characters go. Arguably, if it were not for Nat King Cole’s version of “The Christmas Song” which contains the line “Jack Frost nipping at your nose”, Jack may well have drifted into complete obscurity. Enter DreamWorks animated feature film “Rise of the Guardians”, a movie which aims to propel Jack Frost from minor historical footnote to bona fide hero.

How’s the Story?

Admittedly, when I viewed the movie trailer for “Rise of the Guardians” a few months ago, my reaction was less than favorable. On the surface, it seemed like commercially packaged high concept fluff tailor made for the holiday season. What I did not expect was a movie filled with heart. The character of Jack Frost, voiced with emotional depth by Chris Pine, is on a journey of self discovery. His origin from ordinary teenager to supernatural being was a mystery to him. Yet his role as a catalyst for fun was never in doubt.

When trouble arises in the form of Pitch Black aka The Boogey Man, the Guardians (Santa, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, and Sandman) are summoned by the Man in the Moon to meet the challenge. Surprisingly, a new Guardian, Jack Frost, has been selected to join the team. Jack’s reluctant to accept yet decides to accompany the others when presented the opportunity to find answers about his past.

How is the animation?

“Rise of the Guardians” defines DreamWorks Animation as an equal rival to the creative team over at Pixar. The rich visual style, uncompromising attention to detail, and the palpable exuberance evident in each passing frame demonstrates a brazen confidence that has been building since the release of “How to Train a Dragon”.

Any opportunity for bathroom breaks?

As a whole, the movie is pretty fast paced. But if you must go, I’d recommend when Jack Frost is abducted by the Yetis to be taken to meet the other Guardians. Another opportunity would be when all the Guardians are competing to collect the most teeth for the Tooth Fairy.

Overall Rating: A-

Recommended for children age 6 and up.

Pros: Great voice acting. Rich detailed animation. The story has a lot of heart.

Cons: A few intense scenes with Pitch Black might be too much for kids younger than 7.

“Rise of The Guardians” Official Movie Trailer: