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Jurassic Park in 3D Review

Do you remember the first time you saw an event movie as a kid? Not your run of the mill story but a genuine larger than life spectacle that transported you into a new realm of imagination. The type of movie that leaves a lasting impression in your heart and mind for the rest of your life. A cinematic phenomenon which not only defines generations but bridges them. Some obvious examples would be “Star Wars” in the 1970s and “E.T.” in the 1980s. Yet these same blockbusters lose their inherent awe inspiring qualities when presented to new viewers at home despite the HDTV behemoths electronics manufacturers are churning out. Certain movies were just meant to be experienced in a movie theater or not seen at all. Such is the case of the 20th Anniversary re-release of “Jurassic Park” in 3D.

jurassicpark_225When “Jurassic Park” opened in 1993, accolades were given to the film due to its jaw dropping use of special effects courtesy of Stan Winston, appealing story adapted from Michael Chrichton’s novel, and captivating direction by none other than Mr. Blockbuster himself, Director Steven Spielberg. Combined with a stellar cast which included Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Richard Attenborough, Ariana Richards, Joseph Mazzello, Martin Ferrero, Samuel L. Jackson and Bob Peck, it was obvious that Universal Studios as “Jurassic Park” character John Hammond might say, “spared no expense” to produce the film. Now 20 years later, the movie has opened again in movie theaters in a lovingly restored and 3D enhanced version much to the delight of movie fans and parents around the world.

The movie is 20 years old. Does the story and special effects hold up well to modern standards?

jurassicparkTrex_225As one who saw the original in 1993 I can assure you that the movie has lost nothing at all in respect to its thrilling special effects and overall story. I’d attribute the longevity of “Jurassic Park” to the production’s use of animatronics such as real life size animated dinosaurs rather than CGI for the majority of the movie. With the addition of 3D, every frame has been enhanced from the original. You actually experience the movie in a much more visceral and grin inducing away. The T-Rex scene and the following SUV scene in a tree are worth the price of admission alone. As wonderful as last year’s “The Avengers” was, I’d put “Jurassic Park” in 3D right up against it as the best movie watching thrill ride of the past 5 years, let alone 20 years.

If needed, are there any lulls in the movie to allow for a bathroom break?

Actually yes. The conversation in the latter half of the movie between Dr. Elle Satler and John Hammond in the dining hall as they’re eating ice cream provides a perfect window to answer nature’s call.

What’s the bottom-line?

Movie fans, go see it. And parents, your kids ages 7 and up will love it.

Overall Rating: A-

Recommended for ages 7 and up.

Pros: An already universally considered near-perfect blockbuster film gets improved with the addition of 3D.
Cons: 20 years later, movie ticket prices have skyrocketed virtually eliminating the option of multiple viewings.

Official “Jurassic Park” in 3D Trailer