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Disney’s Frozen Sings

Disney Frozen
Just in time for the 2013 Winter Holiday season, Walt Disney Animation Studio ushers in an enthralling musical fantasy comedy movie titled “Frozen”. Although not necessarily an instant classic, “Frozen” boldly takes the audience on an epic journey full of magic, whimsy, and snappy dialogue along with Broadway caliber show stopping tunes. Building on the success of “Tangled”, Walt Disney Animation Studio continues its resurgence as a distinctly creative force to be reckoned with in family entertainment.

How’s the story?

Although the tale is based long ago, in a place far, far away, the character dialogue is completely modern injecting a quirky irreverent tone into the mix. We learn about two sisters, Anna, princess of Arendelle voiced by Kristin Bell and Elsa, the eldest sister and Snow Queen voiced by Idina Menzel. Through a series of events involving Elsa’s magical icy powers, Anna and Else become estranged. An epic journey ensues filled with love, betrayal, adventure and plenty o comic relief from Kristoff, an awkward yet endearing mountain man voiced by Jonathan Groff and Olaf the snow man voiced by Josh Gad. Engaging musical numbers are woven into the story elevating the stakes of several scenes. In one particular milestone moment for Elsa, the exquisitely talented Idina Menzel delivers an emotionally gripping singing performance that will leave audiences with goosebumps. In fact, during the screening I attended, the audience clapped after the song ended. I wouldn’t be surprised if Disney converts “Frozen” to a stage production some day.

How’s the animation?

Although relatively pricey, I’d recommend viewing “Frozen” in 3D. The animation wizards at Walt Disney Animated Studio have created a captivating world. The scenes with Elsa’s ice castle are especially remarkable exemplifying the distinct artistry associated with Disney as opposed to other exceptionally talented studios such as the work from Pixar.

The movie is rated PG. Is it too intense for younger children?

There are relatively few moments which I’d define as intense, at least compared to the movie “Brave” which was downright frightening at times (think bear scenes). Still, I’d recommend the movie for kids ages 5 and up.

Any moments in the movie suitable for Bathroom Breaks?

As a whole, the movie is quick paced. Yet if nature calls, I’d say the sining scene with Hans and Anna might work well for early in the movie and the scene at the trading post midway through the story.

Overall Rating: A-

Recommended for ages 5 and up.

Pros: Stellar voice cast. Great musical numbers. Fun, engaging story. Disney doing what it does best.

Cons: Dialogue can be too snarky at times. Some of the Troll scenes could have been cut.

Elsa voiced by Idina Menzel sings “Let it Go”

Official Movie Trailer for “Frozen”: