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Zoomer Interactive Dog

If you have kids, at some point they’ll be clamoring for a pet such as a dog. Yet if the children are too young to handle the responsibility of pet ownership or if your living accommodations won’t currently allow for a dog, an electronic pet might be the next best thing. Zoomer, an interactive robotic dog by Spin Master, offers parents and kids a unique alternative sure to please the entire family.

The Scoop about Zoomer
Before operating Zoomer, the toy must be charged via a usb cable to either your computer or usb wall outlet connection. The charge takes approximately one hour with actual play time lasting about 30 minutes. You have the option of choosing from three spoken languages. Zoomer has a defined set of commands which require a bit of “training” in order for the little guy to respond accordingly. This can be a source of frustration with impatient older kids but younger children don’t seem to mind since the spontaneity and variety of interactions expressed by Zoomer provides plenty of entertainment.

The toy itself is about the size of an actual puppy. The fluidity and agility of the little guy is quite impressive. Instead of maneuvering by walking, Zoomer has wheels on all four legs allowing for quick movements. If there’s one major drawback to this precocious little robot pet, it would be the inability to upgrade it’s functionality. There’s no way to update the firmware with new functionality. Yet given the price of the toy, Zoomer still holds its own as a wonderfully engaging albeit technically limited toy.

Overall Grade: B+

Recommended for kids ages 5 and up.

Pros: Adorable. Highly interactive. No clean up.

Cons: Can’t upgrade functionality. Recharging time.

Available now for MSRP $99. Current pricing at stores and online has been approximately $79.