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Kid Conversations #1

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Overheard conversation at breakfast this morning:

5yo: Do you wish we were twins?

7yo: NO!

5yo: Why?

7yo: ‘Cause then I wouldn’t be older.

5yo: Oh…but we’d be cute!

It’s funny how kids think at different ages. My oldest is so caught up in the idea of being the big kid where as my youngest just sees the fun in things. Each passing year ushers in more complexity to their personalities. I can’t fathom what the teenage years will bring. Still, I’m more than curious to find out.

  • bdr0126

    Oh, the conversations keep getting better. We are at ages 12 and 9 right now and I am amazed at some of the things that I hear. Fun stuff.

    • cutemonster

      Fun being relative. 🙂