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Big Hero 6 Could Spark a Whole New Generation of Scientists

Big Hero 6
Movies featuring high tech gadgets have always dazzled audiences. Case in point, the gee whiz contraptions found in countless James Bond films. The fictional scientists responsible for these inventions were often depicted as technology obsessed drones devoid of humanity. Enter “Big Hero 6”, an animated Disney movie based on a Marvel property which catapults whiz kids to new heroic heights.

How’s the story?

Disney crafts a compelling hero origin story. The movie trailers proceeding the release of “Big Hero 6” focused heavily on the action and sight gags. Yet the feature itself possesses a surprising level of depth in exploring the relationship between the two brothers, Tadashi and Hiro. (*miniSpoiler*) Indeed, even though “Big Hero 6” could be categorized as a science fiction action movie, the protagonist and antagonist are motivated not by science alone but the heart. Don’t get me wrong. You will be thrilled by the amazing action and winning comedic moments but expect a healthy dose of the feels too. If the movie falls short at all it’s in the development of the secondary characters which come across as rather two dimensional. Most importantly, kids watching “Big Hero 6” will witness intelligence and creativity triumphantly celebrated instead of denigrated on the big screen.

How are the Special Effects?

I usually avoid the added expense of choosing the 3D option at the movie theater but can honestly say it enhanced the overall experience of Big Hero 6. Every scene that unfolds offers a visual delight amplifying the gripping action as well as the superbly timed comedy sequences throughout the movie. Much like one of my personal favorite animated features, “The Incredibles”, attention to detail is meticulous. The flying scenes with Baymax and Hiro will turn even the most jaded moviegoer back into an awestruck 12 year old kid. Even though much of the technical wizardry in “Big Hero 6” is science fiction, one can be certain experts in the field of robotics, physics, and other scientific disciplines were consulted in creating Big Hero 6.

The movie is rated PG. Can I take my 7 year old to see it?

The violence level on screen is rather tame with the exception of a few tense scenes. The emotional impact might offer a greater challenge. I recommend ages 8 and up with parental supervision. As always, use your own judgement when it comes to your child.

Any opportune moments for bathroom breaks during the movie?

“Big Hero 6” is a swiftly paced movie. But if nature calls, you might consider going after the first flight of Baymax and Hiro.

Overall Rating: B+

Pros: Gripping action. Smart storytelling. Lots of gee whiz tech inducing smiles. May inspire the next generation of scientists.

Cons: Secondary characters lack development. Falls short of the greatness of “The Incredibles”.

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