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2015 New York Toy Fair in Pictures

Toy Fair
The magic of the NY Toy Fair lies in the sights and sounds one experiences while gazing upon the latest and greatest the industry has to offer. Innovation and most importantly fun take top priority as toy manufacturers try to entice buyers and the press alike to fawn over their latest gizmo. For me, it’s an opportunity to be a kid again in the biggest toy store in the world.

Below are some highlights from the show. You can find our complete gallery which includes over 100 images at our CuteMonster.com Facebook page. Please do stop by and LIKE our page while you’re there!

2015 NY Toy Fair Gallery

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Did you visit the show? What do you think was the most innovative toy this year? I came to the conclusion that the Toy industry is in a state of transition trying to figure out how to meld internet connectivity with physical toys regardless of whether it makes sense.