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2017 Apple iMac Pro looks Insanely Great!

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The new Apple iMac Pro is the object of desire digital media pros and gadget aficionados will be craving for in December 2017. Boasting a 27″ 5K display, up to 18-core Xeon processors and up to 128GB of ECC memory, the iMac Pro will be the most powerful Mac ever built by Apple. It will feature next-generation Radeon Vega graphics, and comes in a space grey chassis.

The iMac Pro starts at $4999, and is almost definitely more computer than most people will ever need. Some uses Apple is promoting it for are machine learning, VR, and real-time 3-D rendering. If your main purpose for computer use is to binge Netflix, there are better options. Apple characterizes the new iMac Pro as workstation-class performance level. It has four Thunderbolt 3 ports that can drive two 5K displays and two high-performance RAID arrays. According to Apple, a comparable PC would cost about $7,000. That undercuts the competition by a whopping $2000.

iMac Pro

Apple also revealed an upgrade to all its MacBook and iMac models. They bumped up the processors to Intel’s more efficient and battery-friendly Kaby Lake chips. New iMacs will be able to use double the RAM of last year’s models, and the Fusion drive is standard on the 27-inch model, with storage up to 2TB. These new macs are shipping today with the drool-worthy iMac Pro available in December 2017.


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