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Back To The Future 25th Anniversary

Great Scott! It’s the Back To The Future 25th Anniversary!

Alpha and Omega

Movie Review of Alpha and Omega

American Idol?

Toddler belts out her rendition of the ABC song.

Comic Book Literacy

An overview of Comic Book Literacy, a documentary film about comics in the classroom and beyond.

Fatherhood Involvement PSA

A wonderfully comedic PSA about Fatherhood Involvement sure to bring a smile.

Despicable Me

Review of the Universal Studios animated film “Despicable Me” starring Steve Carell.

Star Wars in a NYC Subway Car

Video of an only in New York moment as Star Wars meets the passengers of a New York City subway car.

Daredevil Training Ground

Daredevil Training Ground aka The Playground. Video of a little girl scaling and conquering a slide.

Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversary

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back celebrates the 30th Anniversary of its release today.