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Best and Worst Parenting Websites of 2013


Our selections for the Best and Worst Parenting Websites of 2013.

Endless Reader


Review of educational early reading app Endless Reader from the creative developer team Originator.

How Education and Technology May Not Mix


The debate rages on about how technology and education may not offer the best mix for the development of children.

7th Graders Give Advice to Incoming Kindergarten Class


Advice from 7th Graders to incoming Kindergarten class.

Teaching with Literature in the Primary Grades


For gifted students, the type of skill-based learning that prevails in preschool and early elementary classrooms can turn them off from school.

CuteMonster Art Wednesday #6


The above illustration was of an imaginary superhero battle I waged as a child. I created the image to be used in conjunction with an article for “Comic Book Literacy”, an important documentary film conveying the idea of how comic books can play an integral role in engaging kids to read.

Does Half-day Preschool Really Make a Difference?


The advantages and disadvantages of half-day Preschool.

Virtual Classrooms Prompting Real Questions


The potential long term negative impact of virtual classes on grammar and high school students.