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Children’s Online Safety Requires Parents to Adapt

Healthy Dads

Tackling Children’s online safety requires parents to be ready to adapt.

More than ever, the world needs Supergirl


CBS’s Supergirl debuts in Fall 2015. For parents seeking out strong female role models, the show holds great potential.

Cinderella and Fatherhood


Review of Director Kenneth Branagh’s “Cinderella”. A new live action Disney movie based on the classic fairy tale.

Kid Conversations #6

kid conversations

Kids have unique conversations. Here is one of them.

Best and Worst Parenting Websites of 2014


Our picks for Best and Worst Parenting Websites of 2014.

Breaking the Bullying Habit


Looking at how we can break the bullying habit.

Kids School Winter Break: 5 Reasons It Needs to End

Back To School

Reasons kids need to go back to school early from Winter Break.

2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Young Kids

2014 Holiday Toys Gift Guide for Young Kids

CuteMonster.com presents its 2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Young Kids.

Kid Conversations #5

kid conversations

Kid conversations happen every day. The following is an excerpt of an overheard kid conversation on the way to the store.