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Kid Conversations #2

kid conversations

Things that kids say on any given day.. The following is an excerpt of a conversation at the park.

5 Ways Little Kids are like Hippies

hippie kids

An overview of how little kids are very similar to hippies.

Parenthood does not mean the end of Romance

married life

Perspective on the evolution of romance when one becomes a parent.

Viral New Zealand PSA “Mistakes” Strikes a Chord Worldwide

A Public Service Annoucement ad from New Zealand Transport titled “Mistakes” strikers a chord with millions of viewers worldwide.

Best and Worst Parenting Websites of 2013

Our selections for the Best and Worst Parenting Websites of 2013.

Kids are on Holiday break? Time to get Crafting

Crafting ideas to keep kids busy during the Winter break.

Sometimes You Just Have To Laugh

Sometimes you have to laugh about being a parent. These funny videos nail the sentiment.

Does Halloween mean Trick or Treating Anymore? Take our Poll.

Times have changed and so has Halloween in the United States. Does Halloween men Trick or Treating anymore?

Facing the Danger: Keeping Your Family Safe

A father finds himself facing the danger when an imminent threat closes in on his family.