Nintendo Fans Rejoice – Shigeru Miyamoto Shares News

Details emerge in a new video from Nintendo about their exciting plans for Universal Parks and Resorts.

SmartyPants Vitamins Probiotic Complete – Bringing Back the Flow

SmartyPants Probiotics

Looking at ways to improve your digestion flow courtesy of SmartyVitamins Adult and Kids Probiotics Complete Gummies.

Learning How to Communicate Again

The art of communication need not be lost to technology. Learn to communicate again.

LEGO BATMAN MOVIE Trailer is What We Need

Batman Lego Movie

The latest trailer for the upcoming 2017 release of The LEGO BATMAN MOVIE promises a rollicking good time at the movies.

Independent Movie Spotlight – Gremlin


Here’s a quick look at an upcoming monster movie called Gremlin directed by Ryan Bellgardt.

Toys and Gadgets: Nintendo Switch Unveiled

nintendo switch

Nintendo Switch unveiled with a preview video and a press release detailing the gaming industry giant’s next big thing.

Short Film Spotlight – Borrowed Time

Borrowed Time

Prepare to be moved watching the harrowing short film Borrowed Time from Pixar animators Lou Hamou-Lhadj and Andrew Coats.

Short Film Spotlight – In the Wobbly Barn Place


Spotlight on the short film In the Wobbly Barn Place by Hines Park Productions.

What’s new for Dads: Changing Stations

baby change

Fatherhood took another step into modernity with respect to Baby Changing Stations. The Babies Act was signed into law by President Obama.