Fun Videos from the Web – Basketball and Animal

In this week’s installment of Fun Videos from the Web, we’re featuring the insanely great and bizarre. You know, the kind of stuff that has no real purpose other than pushing the limits of what’s possible or peculiar. For example, most of you have probably witnessed an amazing basketball shot. But how about one taken from a cliff 660 feet high? Or how about seeing an animal that defies definition? Forge ahead and be entertained!

S1E9 – The CuteMonster Show – Dr. Robert Zeitlin talks about Adolescence


On this episode of the CuteMonster Show, we talk to Positive Psychologist, Dr. Robert Zeitlin, about Adolescence, Smartphones, Social Media, and his book.

Toys and Gadgets: Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Toys and Gadgets Holiday Gift Guide 2017

We rounded up the best toys and gadgets on the planet to create the 2017 Toys and Gadgets: Holiday Gift Guide. Happy shopping!

Minding My Own Future in the 21st Century


Minding one’s future can be a journey unto itself. Indeed, thinking out loud about living in the 21st century brings up more questions than ever.

Best Halloween Movies and TV Shows

The month of October is a perennial favorite for us at CuteMonster. Who could not love the allure of Autumn with its changing of the leaves and cool crispness in the air? Yet the big attraction for kids of all ages is Halloween. And after all the Trick or Treating’s done, there’s nothing better than…

Fun Videos from the Web – Sea Monsters and Luke Skywalker


In this installment of fun videos from the web, we’ve stumbled upon a mixture of nostalgia and the future in the form of Sea Monsters and adventures in space! Buckle your seat belts and prepare for the return of Sigmund and the Sea Monsters and the next episode of Star Wars.

Magic Sketch by Boogie Board

Toys and Gadgets

Review of the Magic Sketch by Boogie Board. A drawing device that offers parents a useful option to keep kids occupied with fun, imaginative activities.

Monsters and Robots? We’re giving away this cool t-shirt!

cool shirt

Testing the waters of Amazon t-shirt sales, we’ve decided to promote our entrepreneurial endeavor. To kick things off, we’re giving away a cool shirt!

Best of Star Wars: The Last Jedi upcoming Toys

Toys and Gadgets

Round up of Star Wars: The Last Jedi toy releases for this year’s holiday season. Whether it’s droids, drones, or lightsaber battles, you’re covered.