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Technology Changes but Capturing Memories Remains the Same

The holidays are officially over. The tree is gone where it once majestically stood and only a few glittering strands of tinsel on the rug remind you of the family and friends that help make all of those great holiday memories linger on. What better way to relive those memories for years to come than through “pictures.”

Growing up, my uncle was always the family photographer. I have basically picked up the title after he passed away. On many occasions, when the whole family gets together, we still take out the albums, boxes and bags of photos that have been taken over the years and still laugh and reminisce about our childhood. I hope that my nieces and nephews do the same and have as much fun as we continue to have.

But years ago (when I was a kid) there wasn’t that many options out there by way of taking pictures. The average family had either a 110, 135 or Polaroid camera which boasted the promise of “instant gratification” but with the price of a useless 1 inch space adorning the bottom of the photo. Today, thanks to the wonders of innovation and the micro-chip, we have so many choices that it is near to impossible to pick out a simple camera without wondering if it is the right choice for your needs. Do you really need 14 mega-pixels? More importantly… what the heck IS a mega-pixel? Without going into too much explanation, the answer is NO. Here’s a secret most stores won’t tell you… In order to print out a 4 x 6 photo, you only need “2” megapixels! Unless you’re going to have the need to blow up portions of the photo.

But let’s face it… the camera is only half the problem. How you’re going to share them with the world is a completely different issue. Like the camera, there are many available choices to consider. While you can still print out a “physical” picture, be it at home or at local convenience store such as CVS or Wal-Mart, many have opted for a digital image.

Around 2004 Digital Photo Frames hit the market and did fairly well. People saved a bundle on ink and there was no waiting for developing. All that was needed was to simply insert the memory card right out of the camera and slide it into the frame. The only trouble was that you were tethered to the outlet as it was the only means of powering the device.

So, how do you take your photos on the road? The answer to this question was answered with the arrival of the “smart book” and more importantly, Tablets. Gone are the photo albums (aka Bragging Rights books) that our parents once lugged around. Now you can just power up, and “voila!”, instant high definition memories! What’s more, is that most devices can easily be hooked up to any HDTV for an even bigger and better picture. This feature is especially helpful due to the fact that almost every digital camera has the ability to record and play HD video as well.

Personally, I believe that if you are serious about the quality of your memories, you should consider a DSLR camera. While these cost a bit more, the outcome, in my opinion, is noticeable. While these cameras may sound and look intimidating, relax… they all have an AUTO mode like any other camera and will do everything for you. Just aim and shoot!

Any way you look at it folks, you’re preserving history. These special moments can’t and won’t be repeated. Don’t miss them. Get out there and take some pictures!

  • Frankly, I feel the contemporary options make it all much more difficult. The piles of photos are overwhelming. And, those are just the ones I print. Then, you have all the editing possibilities PLUS you have REAL movie taking ability with sound and music. OY!

    But, I love it!

    Check out my recent ski videos taken with the Hero2 GoPro camera, which is AMAZING:


    • Anonymous

      I too love the options available today.  Robert DeSimone’s post took me down memory lane.   I wonder how smart phones in the next 5 years will completely disrupt stand alone cameras. 

      • Or computers! When they can make a holograph come out of the phone, with a keyboard, you won’t need anything else. Heck, it can be worn as a watch and respond completely to voice commands – dictation like we used to do with secretaries – only our smart phone is the secretary, maybe just not as cute! Lol…

        • Anonymous

          That is until the robots take over.  🙂

    • RDeSimone

      Yup, it’s a great thing, Bruce. It seems each January’s CES in Vegas promises us more and more in the ways of photography and preserving memories.

      And now, the marriage between the digital camera and the HDTV! WOW!

      It’s a whole different ballgame… and a future article. 😉