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The Geek Dad Book for aspiring Mad Scientists

According to the Webster dictionary science is defined as the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. Mad is defined as insane. Bring these two terms together and you have the potential for crazy experiments. Such is the case for author Ken Denmead’s new book “The Geek Dad Book for aspiring Mad Scientists”.

The Review

What’s the Book about?

In a nutshell, the book is a compilation of “the coolest experiments and projects for science fairs and family fun.” Budding young “mad” scientists can partake in activities in subject areas such as Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Physics and Technology. The scope of the experiments and projects can range in cost, difficulty, and duration (i.e. a few short minutes to several months). In addition, the age range required to participate in certain experiments can vary. Parental supervision as well as the proper safety equipment is required for most if not all projects which ensures family involvement in any given task. In theory, the mad scientist family that works together stays together.

Some Experiments and Projects I found intriguing were the following:

  • Extracting Your Own DNA
    Perform an experiment in which you end up being able to see a strand of stretched out DNA without use of any tools.
  • Thermodynamics: Keeping It Cool without Electricity
    Creating a contraption that keeps food cool without the use of electric power.
  • Building a MacGyver Radio
    Appealing to the engineer who can make something on the fly without use of readily available parts.
  • Playing with Plasma
    Fun with electricity, tesla coils and more resulting in a visually cool light show.

The experiments mentioned above just scratch the surface of what one can accomplish. The author has included several projects that will keep any “mad”scientist coming back for more. The fun of learning science is evident on every page. The Geek Dad book for Aspiring Mad Scientists is an invaluable resource and a wonderful platform to foster interest in Science. Because really, being a mad scientist is fun.

Overall Rating: A-

Recommended for ages 8 and up.

Pros: Offers a wide variety of experiments and projects. Emphasis on fun and safety throughout the book.

Cons: Lack of extensive visual examples to further illustrate certain experiments and projects.

The Giveaway

You can win your own copy of “The Geek Dad book for aspiring Mad Scientists”. Just leave a comment below about who’s your favorite scientist in real life or the world of fiction (i.e. Einstein, Dr. Frankenstein). One commenter will be chosen at random to win the book.

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UPDATE: We have a winner! Congratulations to Sara Petersen! And thanks to the good folks at Penguin Group for providing the prize.

  • Geekdad248

    Doc Brown in Back to the Future

  • Newton was Da Bomb because he believed in ghosts.

    • Was that before or after an apple dropped on his head?

  • And I already LIKED the two of you on Facebook (before it was cool).

  • AND I just RTed.

  • Heather Garcia17

    Marie Curie…for winning 2 Nobel prizes 1 in Physics and 1 in Chemistry and a woman among many talented men!

  • Sara Petersen

    My favorite scientist of all time is Nikola Tesla. He was both a genuine genius and somewhat mad. I also feel he got gypped a bit because his focus was more on inventing things that were just cool and what he could achieve, whereas his colleague of the time, Edison, was just ruthless and would discredit him by any means possible. Really. Read about it. It’s just nasty, what Edison did.

    • cutemonster

      If you haven’t seen it there’s a documentary called Tesla: Master of Lightning – http://youtu.be/7tTGg3LVCvk

      • Sara Petersen

        Have retweeted and liked both pages. Also forgot to mention Tesla could shoot lightning out of his fingertips. That’s just awesome.

  • Agmastercamo

    Does Bill Nye count? Many many kids have learned quite a few things from the videos…. Also gonna retweet. @mastercamo

    • cutemonster

      Sure thing.  He makes science accessible and fun.  

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