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8 Games from Cartoon Network designed to improve your children’s critical thinking power

There are lots of games for boys and girls available on the internet today. This is great because it provides them with entertainment for hours on end. Nevertheless, games can also be good for other reasons as well. For example, online games can be useful when it comes to improving a child’s critical thinking. This is because certain games encourage children to use their brain effectively in order to level up. 

The following are the top eight games from Cartoon Network which have been designed in order to improve your child’s critical thinking power:

  1. Tom and Jerry Food Fight
    In this game your child will play as Jerry and they will have to pick up all of the pieces of cheese whilst ensuring that they don’t run into any danger or get caught by Tom. They game is set out so that there are several plates which Jerry can hop onto in order to collect the cheese. But there are also hot stoves which turn on and off which Jerry must avoid, as well as Tom who will be trying to get to Jerry. This encourages children to think ahead and use their brain in order to think of the best way to get across the board effectively.
  2. Toonix: Spot the Difference
    Each level consists of 10 differences children have to spot between each picture. If they make more than four mistakes then the game will be over. This shows children how to read between the lines and use their thinking power in order to spot any discrepancies.
  3. Winging It
    Winging it consists of your child playing as a bird who was to jump from car to car in the moving traffic in order to make it to the end of the traffic. This aids your child’s critical thinking because they need to make quick decisions whilst ensuring that their timing is perfect.
  4. Door to Door
    In this game your child has to go from door to door until they find their matching friends. This teaches them how to think effectively and enhances their capacity to memorise things as well.
  5. Tom and Jerry Trap-o-Matic
    This game revolves around Tom making a trap in order to catch Jerry. This trap consists of using several different devices in order to make sure that Jerry ends up eating the cheese in the mouse trap. This game encourages critical thinking because it revolves around planning and tactics.
  6. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy Magnet
    In this game your child has to get to the end of each level via places boxes on different areas in order to open up the doors which are in front of them. This teaches children to be efficient with what they have and to think outside of the box.
  7. Redakai Memory Game
    In this game your child has to match the same cards together. This aids their thinking because it helps them develop their memory skills. This is something which is obviously very important and will aid them later in life when they take exams at school.
  8. Big Shot Checkers
    In this game of checkers your little one has to collect of all of his or her opponent’s pieces. This aids critical thinking massively because your child will have to think three steps ahead in order to outsmart the opponent.

You can check out these games and more at Cartoon Network Games. Note that these game require your internet browser to have the Adobe Flash Player installed.

About the Author
Celina Jones is a qualified freelance journalist associated with Cartoon Network. To find information for this article about games for boys and girls, she took feedback from 100 parents to learn their views on online games.