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Escape from Planet Earth

The animated feature film “Escape from Planet Earth” produced by Rainmaker Entertainment and distributed in the United States by The Weinstein Company, can best be described as a slick formulaic comedy adventure movie aimed at pleasing the masses. Yet what lifts “Escape from Planet Earth” from the shallow depths of junk food like mediocrity is the tremendous heart of the actors’ performances.

How’s the Story?

Originating on the alien planet Baag, the story revolves around the exploits of two brothers, Scorch (played by Brendan Fraser), an adventurous astronaut who’s a larger than life national hero and his older brother Gary (played by Rob Corddry), an under appreciated highly intelligent BASA mission control operator tired of living in his younger brother’s shadow. In addition, Gary has a wife named Kira (played by Sarah Jessica Parker), a former BASA commander who left her job to be a stay at home mom, and a son named Kip (played by Jonathan Morgan Heit) who idolizes Scorch.

After a heated argument between the brothers, Scorch foolishly decides to travel to the dark planet aka Earth to take on a rescue mission without the aid of Gary. Predictably, Scorch lands into trouble prompting a guilt-ridden Gary to save his brother. Mayhem ensues.

How’s the animation?

The movie possesses a visually slick and polished yet exceedingly generic aesthetic. There’s nothing particular original or memorable about the characters or the environment. Kids won’t be clamoring for toy versions of the characters and vehicles of “Escape from Planet Earth” which speaks volumes.

Any Opportunity for Bathroom Breaks?

There are several throughout the movie. I’d recommend when the brothers are bantering in the cafeteria or when Gary’s piecing together a replacement part for a machine.

Overall Rating: C+

Recommended for children ages 5 and up.

Pros: Actors give heart to the relationship between the brothers. Occasional Funny moments and sight gags. William Shatner’s over the top voice acting.

Cons: Formulaic. Generic animation. Ricky Gervais, given no material to work with, phones this one in. The movie should be considered as a Rental, not a fully paid Movie Theater experience.

“Escape from Planet Earth” Official Movie Trailer: