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Pacific Rim: Robots vs. Monsters

Growing up, my friends and I often waged epic battles between monsters and robots. The stakes were high and the rewards intangible. Movies such as “Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla” set the creative standard for destructive mayhem, bad acting, and awful storyline inherent to the genre. A successful formula that connected with 12 year old boys worldwide. Inevitably after a successful string of hits for the genre, interest began to wane. The resurgence of the Transformers reignited the imagination of a new generation. Yet a proper story including Robots and Monsters remained conspicuously absent in the 21st century. Enter Director Guillermo Del Toro’s modern vision of the Robots vs. Monsters movie, “Pacific Rim.”

How’s the Story?

Does it really matter? We are talking Giant Mecha- Robots vs. Giant Sea Monsters the size of skyscrapers! In a nutshell, giant monsters called Keija have entered our world via a fissure in the pacific ocean by means of a transdimensional portal. Humanity’s response to the threat of annihilation is to create giant robots to champion the fight for our survival. Will the world’s fate teeter on the brink of destruction before a ray of hope emerges? Of course! It’s a Robots vs. Monsters movie! Sure there are subplots developing the “dramatic arc” of the human protagonists. And yes, the acting and dialogue can often be remarkably simplistic and cringe worthy at times. But that’s the small price one expects to pay for the larger than life action sequences. One downside to the human characters depicted in “Pacific Rim” is the reliance on antiquated two dimensional 1980s stereotypes. Perhaps Mr. Del Toro intentionally placed them in the film as a nod to that era of action movies.

How are the Special Effects?

Guillermo Del Toro along with his team of CGI wizards have given his interpretation of the perfect science fiction adventure movie for 12 year old boys. Movie goers will become immersed in the fully realized intricately detailed world that frames the story. As “Pacific Rim” begins you won’t be able to resist enabling your suspension of disbelief. A sheepish grin will appear on your face as you munch away at your popcorn. Guillermo wanted to go big with this movie and big you shall receive.

Any moments in the movie suitable for Bathroom Breaks?

Essentially any time the Robots and Monsters are not engaged in battle. For example, when protagonist Raleigh Becket returns to the Jaeger group, an inordinate amount of time is spent on developing the backstory of characters as well as forging new ones.

Overall Rating: B+

Recommended for ages 10 and up.

Pros: Giant Robots vs. Giant Monsters! Packed full of big screen fist pumping moments. Worth the price of admission.

Cons: Weak story, dialogue and acting can be grating at times.

Official Movie Trailer for “Pacific Rim”: