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S1E2 The CuteMonster Show – Interview with Marvel’s Ryan Penagos

In this episode of The CuteMonster Show podcast, I interviewed Ryan Penagos, VP and Executive Director of Marvel’s Digital Media Group. As a comic book fan it’s comforting to know there are like-minded individuals overseeing Marvel’s massive superhero empire. Ryan discussed his own personal journey to join one of the most popular and influential entertainment franchises in the world. He also gave a glimpse of the inner sanctum of Marvel as well as provided insight about two of Marvel’s hottest comic book releases to date and more.

Highlights from The CuteMonster Show

One of the editors looked at me, stuck his finger out and pointed in my face, and said “hey, (expletive) deal with it, you’re going to have deal with everything you ever liked getting spoiled for you forever!” – R. Penagos

There’s something really special about a physical comic book. – R. Penagos

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