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Finding Dory

Finding Dory
Disney-Pixar’s Finding Dory didn’t need to provide audiences a compelling reason to come see the movie. After all, it was the sequel to the beloved Finding Nemo. Yet as many in the movie business will attest, making a great sequel is not easy. Sure there are numerous examples of sequels being superior to the original. Alas, Finding Dory, although a cute movie, is not one of them.

How’s the story?

It’s no spoiler to mention that Dory will eventually become lost and need to be found in the story. Much like Finding Nemo, the journey by both the one who’s lost as well as the rescuers results in personal growth and triumphs. In addition, we’re introduced to new endearing characters who help move the plot along. Yet somehow, the proven formula of Finding Nemo seems to have missed the mark with Finding Dory. There are certainly wonderful moments. But overall, the movie kind of drags and never quite captures the emotional nuance of the original. In short, kids will like it, they just won’t love it.

How are the special effects?

I watched the 2D version of the movie. Given that was the format I saw the original in I felt it would be a fair point of comparison. Visually speaking, Pixar delivers jaw-droppingly beautiful images in every frame. Unlike the story, the artistic wizardry on display soars with a visual feast for the senses.

Any opportunities for bathroom breaks during the movie?

As mentioned previously, the movie drags. If nature calls, feel free to answer it at almost any point in the movie with the exception of the last 5 minutes or risk missing one of the best scenes.

Overall Rating: B

Recommended for kids 5 and up.

Pros: Pixar’s visual magic on the screen.

Cons: Story can be muddy at times. Kids might get antsy from lack of interest.

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