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Best Halloween Movies and TV Shows

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The month of October is a perennial favorite for us at CuteMonster. Who could not love the allure of Autumn with its changing of the leaves and cool crispness in the air? Yet the big attraction for kids of all ages is Halloween. And after all the Trick or Treating’s done, there’s nothing better than a spine tingling film or television show to top off the evening. We’ve compiled a great list of spooktacular Halloween movies and television shows sure to frighten and delight.

Halloween Movies For Grownups and kids over 13:

Halloween 1978Halloween – This classic John Carpenter film is best for ages 18 and up. Featuring a young, dynamic Jamie Lee Curtis in the lead role, you can’t help watch this compelling yet terrifying tale. We suggest not viewing this with friend. Okay, maybe several friends because safety in numbers.

PoltergeistPoltergeist – Steven Spielberg’s spectral spookfest holds up well after all these years. Includes memorable performances by the entire cast. You’ll never look at suburbia the same way.

BeetlejuiceBeetlejuice – Michael Keaton offers up an inspired portrayal in this comedy horror fantasy film by Tim Burton. Visual effects were top notch for its time and hold up quite well.

sleepyhollowmovieSleepy Hollow – Tim Burton’s retelling of the classic Washington Irving tale with a revisionist take on the character of Ichabod who’s now a constable investigating a series of unexplained murders. A young Johnny Depp plays the role of Ichabod Crane offering up a memorable performance along with Christina Ricci.

Nightmare on Elm StreetA Nightmare on Elm Street – The original Wes Craven film conjures up images that will leave you unsettled. Good luck going to bed after this one!

Halloween Movies for the whole Family:

E.T.E.T. – Steven Spielberg’s tale about a stranded alien befriending a boy on his quest to go back home. Comedically and effectively incorporates Halloween into the story.

Harry PotterHarry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – Best for ages 8 and over. Easily stands out as one of the finest movies in the series. Plus it has the added bonus of a werewolf! Fantastic script and direction keeps the story captivating from beginning to end.

Monsters IncMonsters, Inc. – Pixar Animation brings you a tale of about the Monsters in your closet! A heart-tugging movie about a 2 year old girl who stumbles into the monster world and scares up trouble.

Charlie BrownIt’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown – A holiday classic animated film following the Peanuts gang. Somewhat slow moving film for today’s audiences, but timeless nonetheless.

ParanormanParanorman – Best for ages over 8. An inventive stop animation movie which definitely has an abundance of creepiness as well as comedic moments. And why shouldn’t it? Paranorman is the story of Norman, a young boy from a small Massachusetts town that finds out he can commune with the dead.

Halloween TV Shows for Grownups and Kids 13 and over:

stranger thingsStranger Things – This Netflix original drama series captures the essence of the 1980s. The attention to detail by the Duff Brothers is commendable. The storyline follows a science fiction arc filled with surprises that will thrill fans of the X-Files as well as the Goonies. You’ll love the characters, including the wonderful Wynona Ryder, and instantly be drawn in. The only downside is there are but a mere 8 episodes in the first season. Not to worry though, season 2 has arrived and there are 10 fresh episodes.

Penny DreadfulPenny Dreadful – A gothic horror show featuring classic monsters based in 19th century England. Filled with drama, intrigue and subplots galore, this lavishly adorned series transports you to the supernatural underworld of London. Be warned that the gore and nudity run rampant in this series. Definitely not recommended for kids under 17.

What movies and television shows are on your list for Halloween this year?

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