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Despicable Me

Gru’s a determined, ambitious man driven by the desire to be recognized as the pinnacle of his profession. His line of work just happens to be that of super villain. In the Universal Studios animated film “Despicable Me”, under the guise of a comedy, we follow the journey of our unlikely hero on the road to becoming a single Dad. Read on for the review and the essentials you need to know about “Despicable Me”.

How’s the Story?

As far as plot lines go, “Despicable Me” is pretty thin. The story does not have the depth of any of Pixar’s Toy Story films. Yet it does manage to muster a tremendous amount of heart thanks to the skilled voice acting of Steve Carell. The idea of single fatherhood is loosely explored as well as the impact of young children on a man’s life. As moviegoers, we get to witness Gru’s transformation from Super Villain to potentially Super Dad through his use of 3 orphan girls in a scheme to capture the moon.

How are the visual effects?

Impressive. Animation as a whole has taken a tremendous leap forward. The textured environments and vivid colors are quite remarkable. The animators have created a unique compelling hyper-realistic representation of reality that captivates one’s attention.

Can I take my younger kids to see “Despicable Me”?

The film has a rating of PG for a reason. There are a few intense moments on screen but nothing to the level seen in the Dreamworks animated film “How to Train Your Dragon”. I personally have a fear of great white sharks (Thanks to Mr. Spielberg’s film “Jaws”) and there’s a ferocious shark in the film which might instill fright into young children. Other than that, there are some death defying stunts, most of which most kids will be desensitized to having been exposed to children’s television programming such as NIck Jr.’s “Go Diego Go!”.

Any opportunity for Bathroom breaks?

Yes, there are several. The pacing of the film is uneven. There are many lulls throughout the film. I’d recommend making a break for it during Gru’s visit to the Bank of Evil or even possibly when the orphans temporarily return to the orphanage.

Overall Review Rating: B-

Recommended for Kids ages 7 and up.

Pros: Original characters. Fun gadgetry for Tech geeks. Brilliantly vivid animated world.

Cons: Characters and story line lack depth. Pacing of the film’s uneven. Whether viewing in 3D or not, the rollercoaster scene can result in a sense of vertigo and possible queasiness.

Watch the “Despicable Me” Official Trailer below: