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7th Graders Give Advice to Incoming Kindergarten Class

My 7th graders are more than twice as old as incoming kindergarteners this fall and, in some ways, a world apart. Even so, you’d be surprised to learn how alike they are when it comes to the start of school!

I challenged my students to remember back to their start of school. I asked them what advice they would give to a brand new kindergartener, just starting school. Some of their advice was practical, some humorous, and others…well, these ARE middle schoolers we’re talking about. Some of their advice was just plain off-the-wall!

Take a look:

Be good and stay in school. Do your homework so you can grow to be smart. – Jose

When I first went to school, I ran around the cafeteria, jumping on tables. I didn’t know it was a place to eat. So if you don’t know, the cafeteria is for eating. – Daniel

Donít let the wrong person lead you in the wrong direction – Russell

Pay attention in class. – Mason

Take advantage of your nap time, it won’t last forever! – Rodrigo

Don’t get in trouble or else a monkey will steal your cookie! – Shawn

Be really creative and work hard. I hope by the time you’re older, you’ll be smarter than me! – Jessenia

My advice: itís not a good idea to cut your friend’s hair. It won’t work out well for you! – Alyssa

Donít be nervous, be happy. It will be OK! – Alexis

Donít snore at nap time! – Ashley

One word: participate – Cade

All I can say is good luck! – Kelson

Don’t scream! It only makes it worse! Temper tantrums will just get you a call to your PARENTS! – Madison

You might be scared on your first day. But, when you’re scared, be a big kid. You don’t want the
other kids to think you’re a punk! – Shadrian

Don’t talk about people and make new friends. Don’t beat anyone up. – Kiera

Never cry at school or you will be known as a crybaby! – Giselle

Don’t freak out. Jusy make new friends. Say, Hi, there! and you’ll have a new best friend before you can say squiggly wiggly worms. – Patty

Always bring your lunch or lunch moneyóyou don’t want to be hungry! – Martha

Don’t eat the glue. It’s not good for you! – Dilon

School might be scary, but at least there are snacks! – Darrell

Don’t act tough, it’s not cool! – Juan

Don’t blow bubbles with the hand soap. – Marah

My advice: don’t bring your teddy bear to school. The other kids will laugh. It’s not a good idea to bring your pet hamster, either. You’ll probably get in trouble, even if it’s the cutest hamster in the world – Erin

Don’t pull people’s hair; they might bite you! – Ashlyn

School’s fun. You will like it! – Mersadies

Be kind to your teacher. They are there to help you and you can never take back what’s been said, so be nice! –Bryan

Don’t fight over stuff. Share with your classmates instead. – Rocio

Keyword: Respect. Respect your school, respect your teacher, and especially respect other
peopleís personal space! – Lauren

Don’t be shy around people! – Angelo

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  • MSH

    Priceless advice!

    • Anonymous

      Absolutely.  Great to get a kid’s perspective.