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Identity Theft Protection Begins

As a parent with young children, it’s hard to find the time to address the issue of identity theft protection on a daily basis. In fact, just remembering one’s own name can be difficult for parents enduring sleep deprivation. That’s why a company like LifeLock, whose mission is to provide relentless identity theft protection for its members, appealed to me.

I recently enrolled with LifeLock to try out their Ultimate Protection Service which “protects one from a wider array of threats to one’s credit, bank accounts, and identity by seeking out potential threats and helping one defend against them.” In addition, I’m happy to announce that CuteMonster.com has become a LifeLock Brand Ambassador.

In the next few months, we will be featuring timely and relevant Identity Theft Protection tips from LifeLock on CuteMonster.com as well as our Facebook page and Twitter feed. Our hope is to provide an educational resource to help families diminish their risk. As always, your comments are welcome. Some of the best ideas originate from discussions.

By the way, the likelihood that you’ll be receiving a large sum of money from a Nigerian prince are pretty slim. You might want to filter those types of emails to your spam folder. That also holds true for any email announcement that you’ve won the european lottery.

What sort of obvious and not so obvious scams have you encountered online?

  • Lisa

    Recently received one as an alert from our bank. It looked very legitimate but I forwarded to my bank rep to check out. Turns out it was a scam.

    • cutemonster

      Thanks for commenting Lisa It’s true the bank scams do look legitimate compared to even a year ago. One clue though is when the alert has been sent to an email address not associated with your bank account.