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2012 New York Comic Con Strikes a Chord

The 2012 New York Comic Con has beckoned the popular culture masses and they responded in droves. In my second year of coverage of the convention, my initial impression of the event was simply “whoa!” It was like an overwhelming palpable wave of energy had swept through the cavernous halls of the venerable Jacob Javits Convention Center. Music was blaring, cosplayers were out in force with intricately detailed costumes. as well as the endless hordes of vendors and exhibitors all working in concert to impart the attendees with an unforgettable experience.

What I especially enjoy about the New York Comic Con is getting the opportunity to meet with artists from different mediums including writers, comic book artists , digital media wizards, master craftsman, and toy makers. Whether the interactions occur by way of informative discussion panels or by striking up conversations on the convention floor, you’ll always end learning something invaluable.

I also like discovering new artists. There’s an infinite array of artistic styles that share the convention floor. More times than not, you’ll end up stumbling upon your newfound treasure. Such was the case with a small independent toy maker called Vamplets. Their tiny booth was decorated in late 19th century manner with a decidedly haunted twist. Strewn about the booth were soft plush toys of baby monsters. I suspect they’ll have no problem finding homes.

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Did you attend the 2012 New York Comic Con? What did you think?

  • Mike

    I’ve wanted to attend a con for years and finally got to NYCC 2012 as my first. I had an awesome time. It really was everything I could have hoped for. So much to do, I talked to a lot of nice people in artists alley, and spent a lot of money! There really is something for everyone, I didn’t know which way to turn my nerdy mind was assaulted the entire time!

  • cutemonster

    So true Mike. It’s can be an overload at times but in a good way! Glad you had fun. Thanks for writing in.

  • MSH


    • cutemonster

      Yes indeed!