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Lying To Your Children

Lying To Your Children – Exceptions to telling the truth.

Eating Lunch Outside

Fatherhood Eating Lunch Outside

Something simple as eating lunch outside with your children can make for a lifetime of memories.

Tricycle to Bicycle

The transition from tricycle to bicycle can often result in the growth of both the child and the parent.

Comic Book Literacy

An overview of Comic Book Literacy, a documentary film about comics in the classroom and beyond.

Fatherhood Involvement PSA

A wonderfully comedic PSA about Fatherhood Involvement sure to bring a smile.

Try Not to Blink


Random Thoughts about Parenting.

Happy Birthday to Me

Random thoughts about one’s Birthday from a Dad’s perspective. “…my birthday acts like a reset button, forcing me to emerge from my layered existence to take stock of the events that unfolded in the last 525600 minutes. I’ve come to the conclusion I”m either on the verge of greatness or perpetual exhaustion. Probably both.”

Daddy’s All Grown Up Now

With the exception of an insignificant dime sized abrasion, my little girl was unscathed. Like a koala bear, she clung tightly to me as she dealt with her latest traumatic event. As I comforted her, my mind began to drift. I imagined my daughter in the future. I’m not sure I liked what I saw.

Active Indoor Activities for Kids

Active indoor Summer activities when the heat outside is unbearable for kids.