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Andy from Monster Factory Review and Giveaway

I discovered Monster Factory based on recommendations from colleagues involved with Toy design and puppetry. I’m glad I took their advice. With a roster of uniquely designed plush monster character toys as well as a line of monster themed kids clothing, Monster Factory offers a variety of choices. They’ve also produced original comedy video shorts which follow the antics of Monster Factory characters as high school students. Monster Factory provided me with one of their monster character plush dolls, Andy, to review. In addition, one lucky reader will get the chance to win an Andy plush doll to call their very own.

Andy Arrives

I had informed my children of Andy’s impending arrival with the following description as per Monster Factory:

Andy is Sebastian’s younger brother. He never misses an opportunity to act out scenes from his favourite movie‚ in detail‚ with sound effects.

Yet I never actually showed any images to them of the plush doll as I wanted to get a genuine first impression based on the doll itself. The package arrived and both kids were bursting with anticipation. They ripped open the box, removed Andy from his protective bag and…”What’s that!” asked my perplexed 4 year old. My 2 year old then picked Andy up, quickly investigated his cute yet stoic expression, then dropped him while running full speed into the other room screaming “Nooooo!” Suffice it to say, Andy had a rough first day. Yet he soon found a place among the other plush dolls.

As I suspected, Andy’s appeal directly correlates with awareness of the character. For example, if Bart Simpson dolls had been released to the public prior to the animated series ever being seen, buyers would most likely have shown little interest. Once the character was well placed in the public’s mind, fans couldn’t get enough of Bart Simpson merchandise. I sense such will be the case with the Monster Factory character toys. They initially will have an appeal to fans of uniquely designed toys with an edge. Broad appeal will have to wait based on the success of the video shorts. Monster Factory’s currently trying to get the web episodes produced into a television series.

Is it a quality toy?

From a pure quality standpoint, the Andy plush doll is well crafted. Soft fabric, quality stitching, distinct design and more provide a clear indication Monster Factory sought to produce a durable product. Even without a previous introduction to the character, children will quickly take a liking to the doll creating their own adventures for him.

And now the Giveaway

Monster Factory has graciously provided an opportunity for one lucky CuteMonster.com reader to win an Andy plush doll of their own. A retail value of $40.

How to Enter
Simply enter a brief comment below about why you’d like to win! That’s it.

For extra entries do the following:

Important Dates and Details to remember

Contest open to Canadian and U.S. residents. The contest ends at 11:59pm EST on Sunday, February 20, 2011. The winner will be notified via email or twitter by Monday February 21, 2011. The winner has 24 hours to respond after notification. If no response is made another winner will be randomly drawn.

Good luck!

Watch the video below of Andy featured in a Monster Factory original comedy short. Please note that it’s high school humor. PG rating.

  • Mari, Small for Big

    I would happily win any single one of the monsters from Monster Facotry. They are my favorites. All of them.

  • Helen | numsi

    I’d LOVE a monster to help my kids with their constant good monster/ bad witch games!

  • MSH

    Love the individual monster descriptions and short videos (current favs are Kiss of Life & Chupa Chuck at Laundermat). Hysterical!! Favorite monster…tough decision but would narrow down to Monsternaut Kyle, Morley Boy Emmitt, Todd with his ear muffs… In an age of so many plastic toy recalls we welcome durable and fun products, especially when they are so cute!

  • Karen Y

    I’d love to win an Andy Monster because no household can have too many monsters! Plus, he’s super cute and would be welcomed with open arms. 🙂

  • id love to win andy monster because my george monster is lonely and really needs a friend to hang out during the day while im at classes and work lol

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  • Ghazoo

    I should win because I decorate my house with toys for everyones inner child to come out

  • Leslie S.

    I will love to have Andy cuz he’s sooo awesome and loveable!! I’ll take good care of him and he’ll have lots of fun with all his new plush friends!!=^____^=

  • Warneramice

    I think that I should win Andy because, 1.) both of are names start with A’s, 2.) he’ll be the best buddy to watch movies with and 3.) because he’s cute, and he’ll fit right in with all my other cute things I collect! :B
    I’m a fan of Monster Factory and CuteMonster.com on Facebook and I’m following on Twitter. @amicethebeast

  • So that our in-house monster Leonardo (the Terrible Monster) can have a buddy!

  • Disneynorth

    Monster Factory is an awesome company! Andy is a great monster and I would love to add him to my collection.

  • Danielle

    I’d love to win this Andy monster for my stepson, he always enjoys finding new toys in his room when he comes to visit! 🙂

  • Jessica

    How cute! My 4.5 year old would love this goofy guy 🙂

  • I’d like to surprise my kids with Andy. I, too, would love to know their reaction when they first see him! My kids tend to have a goofy style, so I think they’d welcome Andy with open arms.

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  • MSH

    I LIKE Monster Factory on Facebook!!

  • Nicole

    Monster Andy is the most adorable thing I have ever seen! LOVE him! <3

  • Girls love strange looking stuff toys! The Lorax of all things is one of their favorites. I think this one would be a big hit!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  • I tweeted too!

  • Mcmikki

    I think I should win because he will be great snule with. I think he’s kinda cute!

  • I’d like to win because MF needs more quirky looking stuffed toys. Cool stuff