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Win a Super Hero Lunchbox

By far, one of the most cherished times of a kid’s school day is recess. Sure you could send your child off to school with a brown bag to carry their lunch. But most kids really want a cool lunchbox to tote their 2nd meal of the day. It just adds another level of fun to the whole experience. With that sentiment in mind we teamed up with SuperHeroStuff.com to offer you a chance to win a brand new lunchbox.

How to Enter The Contest

Take a look at SuperHeroStuff.com’s fantastic assortment of lunchboxes using the link below:


Pick one you’d like then leave a comment below about which one is your favorite. And if you’d like, please share what lunchbox you had as a kid. That’s it!

Extra Entries

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The Details

The contest ends on Monday, December 19, 2011 at 11:59pm EST. A winner will be chosen at random on Tuesday December 20, 2011. The winner will be notified via email or by Twitter. The winner has 24 hours to accept the prize or a new winner will be chosen. Good luck everyone!

WINNER UPDATE: Congratulations to Jacob Stewart! Thanks to everyone for entering the contest. And thank you SuperHeroStuff.com for providing such a fun prize!

  • Empire strikes back large. Reminds me of the, well, Empire strikes back lunchbox I had as a kid 🙂

  • Paige

    The Captain American Kirby Crash is my favorite of the boxes! Tin lunchboxes remind me of a Batman one I had as a kid that I’d tote my Pokemon cards back and forth to elementary school in. Unfortunately, I think it was lost many sandboxes ago! 

  • KendallJaye Collard

    Nananananananana nanananananana BATMAN!!!!!

    I think the lunch box I loved best was my Gremlins one.

  • Eileen Mietz

    Star Trek Beam Me Up Lunchbox!  I actually had a Partridge Family lunchbox until my brother’s used it to keep the frogs they had caught in it.  

  • My almost 3 year says the Spider-Man soft one is his fave!

  • Optimus_past_my_Prime

    I could be mistaken as ‘when I was a kid’ was some time ago but I’m almost positive I had the Star Wars a New Hope Square Lunchbox when I was a kid. Which is, coincidentally, my favorite lunchbox.
    Star Wars A New Hope Square Lunchbox

  • Nourisha

    I heart the justice league lunchbox. Why have just one super hero when you can have an entire team of supers protecting your lunch!!!!

  • Jake

    Ooooh. I like the Star Wars Return of the Jedi Domed Lunchbox.

  • I like the Batman Swinging Square Tin Tote… I never got a superhero lunchbox as a kid, just the Dukes of Hazzard one. Not a total loss, I s’pose. Sweet ride. I’m following @SuperHeroStuff now and look forward to seeing more cool swag for my son!

  • MSH

    May the Force be with you! and lunch in a Yoda lunch box.  Mom brown-bagged our daily grub.

  • Homa

    The New Hope lunchbox would be perfect for my daughter’s SW action figures!

  • Gablyn

    Ooooh little Charlie may need one of those.


    Wonder Woman is the only way to go!! She’s still my idol after all these years. Going to order a t-shirt to go with my new lunch box (got my fingers crossed).

  • SpidyJr

    Spiderman always is my hero.  Twinkies and spiderman go together.