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ThinkFun’s Chocolate Fix : Quick Take

I was recently sent a redeemable code from ThinkFun to try out their game app Chocolate Fix for the iPhone and iPad. It turns out that deductive reasoning much like life is also like a box of chocolates. Except in the case of ThinkFun’s game app Chocolate Fix, it’s your job to figure out what you might get.

How’s the Game Play?

A player is presented with a challenge to place 9 different pieces of chocolate in their correct position in the box. It’s similar to Sudoku in the sense that you’re provided visual clues as to the correct patterns needed to complete the set. You’re forced to make use of logical deductive reasoning to ensure proper placement. As you move through the game the levels increase in difficulty. Yet the pacing of the game allows for a comfortable learning curve to progress at one’s own rate. If you get stuck, there’s a hint button to point you in the right direction. New players will appreciate this feature as the game play might initially present itself to be confusing. In short, Chocolate Fix, much like its namesake, lends itself to quick addictive fun.

Overall Rating: A-

ThinkFun recommends the game for all ages. I’d suggest it for ages 6 and up.

Pros: Addictive game play which bolsters a player’s confidence in deductive reasoning. It is deliciously sweet candy for the brain without the calories.

Cons: Other than the satisfaction of completing the challenge visually demonstrated by a packaged box of chocolates, there’s no scoring.

ThinkFun’s Chocolate Fix is available on iTunes.