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Monster Factory: Meet Rosco

When the good folks at Monster Factory, makers of uniquely designed monster themed plush doll toys and clothing, told me they were adding a new fun plush doll to their lineup I was intrigued. Having reviewed Andy, one of their previous monster plush doll character releases, I knew at the very least, it would be a creative toy. I asked them to send me the this mystery plush doll for review even though I was not given the name of the character nor was any information available on their web site because he was so new. In addition, Monster Factory told me a lucky reader of this review will have the chance to win one to call their very own. Cool.

Meet Rosco

There’s nothing quite like receiving a package of a toy when its contents are a mystery. I had my trusty co-reviewer with me, namely my 3 year old daughter, who specializes in blatant honesty when evaluating just about anything under the Sun. For example, like the first time I made chocolate chip cookies “Bleah! These are so yucky Daddy. They taste like dirty rocks. Are these dirty rock cookies Daddy?” It should be noted that although it was body blow to my ego, I’ve since bounced back and have become the go-to-guy in my home for freshly baked cookies. But I digress. The package had arrived and we were both eagerly anticipating the mystery Monster Factory plush doll being revealed.

I asked my co-reviewer to open the shipping box and she did much like the Hulk might rip apart a phone book. The box stood little chance of remaining intact. With the Sun shining through the window a stream of light illuminated the box’s contents. It was a rich shade of red with a hint of yellow which instantly stopped my little Hulk in her tracks and prompted her to respond with glee “What’s that?!!!” She pulled off the plastic covering of the plush doll and said “So cute. It’s a dinosaur Daddy!” Gave it a quick squeeze then put the doll next to the Andy plush doll I mentioned previously. I guessed that meant it was a newly accepted member of the plush doll family. I took a look at the attached identification card and read that he’s actually a monster named Rosco.

As per the Monster Factory description:

Never far from the center of attention, Rosco can charitably be described as “spirited.”

One can guess this little monster will be featured in future adventures be it live action video or animation.

Is it a quality toy?

The soft well crafted materials are instantly recognizable when handling the Rosco doll. From the texture of the cloth to the attention to detail in the stitching, Monster Factory continues to manufacture engaging durable plush dolls. The design can be described as whimsical with an originality that will appeal to kids of all ages. It’s not a stretch of the imagination to think that adults would start a collection of these dolls for themselves. They’re a lot of fun.

The Giveaway

Monster Factory has graciously provided an opportunity for one lucky CuteMonster.com reader to win a Rosco plush doll of their own. A retail value of $35.

How to Enter

Simply enter a brief comment below about why you’d like to win! That’s it.

For extra entries do the following:

Follow CuteMonster.com on Facebook

Follow Monster Factory on Facebook

On Twitter tweet:

I want to win a @_monsterfactory Rosco doll from @CuteMonsterDad bit.ly/IxgHtd

Important Dates and Details to remember

Contest open to Canadian and U.S. residents. The contest ends at 11:59pm EST on Thursday, May 3, 2012. The winner will be notified via email or twitter by Friday May 4, 2012. The winner has 24 hours to respond after notification. If no response is made another winner will be randomly drawn.

Good luck!

UPDATE: We have a winner! Congratulations to Andrew W. Thanks to everyone who entered. And thanks to Monster Factory for providing a memorable prize.

  • Lisa I mperato

    My own litter monster loves red stuffed toys he can fling at his sister!

    • cutemonster

      The Rosco plush doll will do quite nicely then. 🙂

  • Anja

    I love Rosco 🙂 Would love to have him so he can keep my very own Andy company 😉

  • Taryn Gelber

    Rosco would be a wonderful addition to my Monster family: Maya, Pierre, and Francine! They would love to have a new sibling.

  • Jordo

    Because Rosco would mean so much to my awesome girlfriend who loves Monster Factory monsters! They keep her company when she’s out of town for school.

  • Danchappa

    Moving into a new apartment and need someone to guard it!

  • Mimberly15906

    I would love to win because they are so cute and huggable

  • L Villeneuve

    I’d like to win ROSCO because i think he would have a great home with lots of cuddles… I might even sneek him into my school bacpack so he doesnt have to spend the day home alone 🙂

  • TheMonsterTamer

    I would love to win a Rosco. I actually tried to win him when the naming contest took place. I collect cute monsters from many companies and just recently became obsessed with Monster Factory. My 10mth old baby’s room is all done up in monsters, but my Monster Factory monsters are just for me :-). I use my monsters in photography and even had monsters accompany me for the labor and delivery of my baby. Bottom line: I LOVE MONSTERS!!!

  • squisshy

    Hi have Andy and Clarence and Rosco would complete the familyy!!

  • Nathan Sloan

    they are so adorable my kids would love them.

  • Rlmg98

    I learned about Rosco from my grandson.  I want to win one for him.   Nana

  • Katharine

    I want to win because I love Monster Factory

  • My soon to be 5 year old niece absolutely loves Rosco! I showed her the picture of Rosco and had my fingers crossed since she, like your daughter, is blatantly honest when it comes to what she likes and doesn’t like. She went crazy for Rosco, saying how he was a “cute red pillow bear” and how she was going to share Rosco with her soon-to-be-born baby brother. I would absolutely love to win Rosco for her, and her baby brother who is on the way!

  • MSH

    Rosco could help my son battle the monster that lives under the bed…

  • Hey there!  I’d like to win because I think my little guys would find these dolls hilariously cool!!!  Thanks for the chance to put a smile on their face!! 😀

  • I follow Cute Monster on Facebook! 😀 

  • I follow Monster Factory on Facebook! 😀

  • Lunachique

    Following on Twitter as @Lunachique

  • Lunachique

    I would love to give this to my younger niece who just turned four. She is so dang cute! She is an interesting mix of girly and tomboy! Liked both your pages on Facebook as Andrea Workman