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New LEGO 3296-piece Star Wars Sandcrawler means treading lightly

LEGO Sandcrawler
It’s late at night. The lights are out in your home and you’ve just put the kids to bed. You step gingerly with your bare feet as to not awaken the sleeping cherubs. As you near the exit, a sudden sharp primal scream inducing pain races up from your foot to your now nearly exploding cranium. Welcome to the world of LEGO.

These seemingly harmless colorful construction toy bricks become catalysts for instantaneous F-bombs dropped by parents and grandparents alike. Still, we at CuteMonster HQ love the creative potential LEGO provides children of all ages. As long as you and the kids are regimented about clean up, collectively your feet will remain unscathed. That’s especially reassuring since there’s a new LEGO 3296-piece Star Wars Sandcrwaleer announced that looks simply amazing from the promotional video. Just remember to pick up the stray pieces to avoid the fear of walking barefoot for as master Yoda says “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

75059- Sandcrawler™ from LEGO

What do you think? Do you purchase large scale LEGO models like the Star Wars Sandcrwaler or opt for buying the non-themed LEGO bricks to let your children build their own creations?

  • Mommys_Busy

    I like both actually. I have the old version of the Sandcrawler. It’s tough with allll those brown bricks! But my kids enjoy putting these together, as well as making their own sets/toys out of the huge box o’ Legos we have.

    • cutemonster

      These themed LEGO sets are pretty awesome. Can’t agree with you more about letting kids use their imagination to create their own toys. Good stuff! – Vincent