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Father’s Day Giveaway – Razor RIFT Scooter and A5 Lux

Razor Scooter Giveaway
Father’s Day offers the opportunity to reflect on what’s truly important in the life of a Dad. Being a Dad may well be one of the most challenging yet rewarding jobs a man will ever undertake in his lifetime. Yet parenthood often means putting the welfare of one’s family first. As noble a premise as that may be, the result often translates into men letting their own health fall by the wayside. We here at CuteMonster.com are on a mission to reverse that trend. That’s why we’ve partnered with a phenomenal company like Razor, creator of a wide range of scooters and action oriented rides, to provide a combo giveaway of both the exciting new RIFT scooter and the popular Razor A5 Lux scooter. Two great rides built for years of outdoor fun.

Below is a product description of the kid oriented RIFT and the more adult sized A5 Lux:

Razor RIFT scooterThe Rift scooter is a fresh take on a two-wheel scooter, for an exciting new ride with side to side carving action. Ride like a scooter, carve through corners, or drift like a pro with the 360-degree rear inclined caster wheel. The bright red Traction Deck features intense texturing and contouring for non-slip grip.
Ages: 8 and up (up to 143 pounds) MSRP: $69.99

Razor A5 Lux scooterWith its extra-large urethane wheels, the A5 Lux is the smoothest ride around. Easy to fold and ready to go, the A5 has a super strong aluminum t-tube and deck to comfortably support riders up to 220 lbs MSRP $109.99

What’s especially appealing about these two fun rides is their portability. A Dad could just fold both scooters up and place them in the trunk of the car for a versatile anytime activity. The Razor A5 Lux could easily also double as a useful time saving means of commuting to the office from public transportation. In some cases, the Razor A5 Lux could even replace public transportation.

And You Can Win Them Both

Simply use the Rafflecopter entry form below for your chance to win both the new Razor RIFT as well as the Razor A5 Lux (total retail value of approximately $180). Good luck and have a Happy Father’s Day everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • Rebecca Williams Parsons

    Go biking and play baseball with them.

  • Lauren H

    Go bike riding with my son

  • Jeff Bogle

    We run and stat active in the backyard.

  • Trying to teach a toddler to Rollerblade is a full day’s workout.

  • Guest

    These would be sweet to have for the summer.

  • Victor Aragon

    Just chasing the one year old around is a workout in itself.

  • Sounds awesome. It takes us twenty minutes to walk to our local library several times per week, which is fun, but sometimes leads to us missing story time . “Scooting” there would be both awesome and quick for my four-year-old daughter!

  • Ryan

    I would need to get a helmet for myself, but this could be pretty cool … usually I’m just running after them as they scoot, bike, or run on their own. Trips to the pool work, too!

  • Dawn Monroe

    My husband plays disc golf with our kids. Its a lot of fun and a great workout

  • Steve Rosales

    We play alot of outside games and we ride bikes together.

  • Seattledad1

    We have lots of stairs. I carry kids up and down, and up and down, and up and down.

  • Carl Wilke

    My kids would love these. We stay active by doing stuff together. Walking the dog. Biking. Playing sports.

  • Adam G.

    We go swimming. When the pool isn’t available, he does gymnastics tricks using me as a base.

  • Rob Ainbinder

    I walk fast… she just learned to bike… so that’s next

  • I plan on doing a lot of walking in parks with the kids this summer.

  • Lorne

    They need to design a scooter that looks like Scooter from the Muppets

  • Michele Ezzo

    My husband rides bikes (BMX) with our son!

  • Rochel S

    By walking together and bike riding!

  • Bdad

    Walking and biking

  • Giggly

    Playing frisbee and riding scooters

  • amypugmire

    my hubby takes them on walks, golfing and bike rides.