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Kid Conversations #7

kid conversations
Conversation on the way to school:

7yo: Can we have a dog?

Me: Who would take care of it?

7yo: You I guess. You’re doing an okay job as a Dad.

Off in the distance, my 9yo nods in agreement displaying a rare moment of solidarity with his younger sibling.

And that my friends, is parenting in a nutshell. No glory, just moments of blatant, uninhibited, honesty from the little humans in our lives we hope someday will grow up to be productive members of society. I love that my children have become enamored with the idea of taking care of an animal. It gives me hope that the organic aspects of life as opposed to the digital, still have a shot at making an impact in the world. Score one for the human race!

How have you handled your child’s request to have a pet? Did you immediately act on the request or did you ease into the subject?

  • mypursestrings

    Timely conversation. We have a dog. Had him before kids. My son wants to win the raffle for 2 hermit crabs from his 1st grade classroom. He already told his teacher than I’ve told him we are not getting any more pets. Feeling a little guilty, I said I’d think about it. Then I looked at the state of his room and realized I would be cleaning hermit crab poop for the next decade. Yes, they live that long. I never signed the paper to enter the raffle. Oops.

    • cutemonster

      Well played. Also, crabs can’t possibly be fun after a week.

  • Maria

    My kids want small dogs… and my husband and I love the giants. So our pet conversations are totally different.

  • Liz Johnson

    She asked for a dog. We’re going with a goldfish!

    • cutemonster

      Nice! Who gets to maintain the fishbowl?