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Fathers Are Not Needed

The struggle men have transitioning from their independent lives to fatherhood.

2012 New York International Car Show Wrap Up

Wrap up of the 2012 New York International Auto Show.

Wishing is for Suckers

A look at the trouble with wishing. Why teaching a child to make wishes may end up keeping a kid from achieving big dreams.

5 Reasons Kim Kardashian Matters to Parents

Why Kim Kardashian should matter to parents.

CuteMonster Fun Stuff Launches

Introducing a new kids activity section of CuteMonster.com, namely CuteMonster Fun Stuff.

How Fatherhood and Jello are Related

Thoughts about what it means to be a father and how Jello plays a role.

Taking Back Mother’s Day

Making Mother’s Day a less commercially driven affair.

Addicted to Celebrity Parents

Editorial about the obsession with Celebrity Parents.