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Learning How to Communicate Again

The art of communication need not be lost to technology. Learn to communicate again.

Turning off the Noise of a Presidential Election Year

Healthy Dads

Feelings of anxiety and emotionally charged tension run high during a Presidential election year. Some ideas to get back to a better place.

The Awakening: I know You Are But What am I?

Drastic changes in a fast-paced world makes one pause for thought. There’s been an awakening.

X-Files, Barbie and a Gluten-Free Cheerios

Pop Culture

Taking a big picture look at X-Files, Barbie and the newly released gluten-free Cheerios.

Do you know Oren Miller?

Getting to know Oren Miller, a great Dad, husband, writer, and champion for fatherhood.

Breaking the Bullying Habit


Looking at how we can break the bullying habit.

Remembering Our Humanity

September 11th

Introspection about what it means to be a human being in a post September 11th world.

Parenting Experts Bribe Their Kids Too

Many parenting experts are opposed to using bribery to modify a child’s behavior. And yet, many do just that.

Where Are We Now?

David Bowie’s single “Where Are We Now” inspires deep reflection.